Exploding the Reading

One 200-year-old folk tale, 30 teachers, and 1,000 students. Ride along with literacy guru David Booth as he takes the same story to a wide variety of classrooms, from kindergarten all the way through grade 12, and be amazed by the learning...


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Classroom Routines for Real Learning

Classroom routines are the sequences and order that students are asked to follow, be it walking in line through the hall, or answering...


Exploding the Reading with David Booth


It's the Friday Freebie!

Comprehension that Counts: Food Product Labels

We all know that reading comprehension is keywhen it comes to getting the most from novels, stories, and content-area texts. But what about texts we encounter everyday? Can your students decipher food labels accurately? This lesson, with activities, from Kathy Paterson's Real Life Literacy, will make reading these complex texts a snap!

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