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Yes, but... if they like it, they'll learn it!

How to plan, organize, and assess learning with meaning, purpose, and joy

Yes, but...
...I have to prepare my students for standardized tests. class has many students with special needs. will I bring parents, principals, and school districts on side?

These are only some of the real classroom challenges that face busy teachers every day. This innovative book explores constructive ways teachers can meet the literacy learning needs of a diverse range of students with engaging practices that are both authentic and accountable. The book is committed to connecting students` existing knowledge, experiences, and interests to classroom literacy learning that is relevant and purposeful. At the same time, it offers a wealth of specific curriculum projects that will help teachers both engage students and build skills that will improve test scores. Open its covers today, and discover a curriculum in which students are active participants in making meaning and decisions about their learning.

Author(s): Susan Church and Jane Baskwill and Margaret Swain

Pages: 120 Publication Date: 2007 ISBN: 9781551382111

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