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Making Math Stick: A Webinar Series: All Sessions

This unique webinar series is designed to show teachers how they can inspire and motivate students to master math. Led by David Costello, the author of Making Math Stick, this series features a webinar for each of the major math strands with insights and practical tools that will help students become confident math learners. The theme of the series is helping students grasp the essentials so they can better retain and apply the math concepts they learn as they go through their school years and beyond. More than preparing students for tests, the series shows you how to strengthen student understanding of math concepts.

The six 1-hour webinars deal with practical ways to teach the strands that are the essential part of the curriculum. The series begins with Social-Emotional Learning; setting students up to be successful confident math learners. The sessions then go on to cover the foundations of Number; how to help students develop numbers sense, make sense of calculations, learn to estimate. This series will cover all the topics in math curricula, Algebra (Patterns & Relations); Spatial Sense (Geometry & Measurement), Statistics & Probability (Data); and Financial Literacy.

You'll receive six 1-hour recordings to watch and use for teaching and learning!

Author(s): David Costello

Publication Date: 2022 ISBN: 155138MMSPKG

Price: $ 24.95
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