Rough Draft Math

Infuse math class with the spirit of revision! Students will feel comfortable thinking aloud as they talk to learn through problem-solving, rather than talking only to perform right answers. In the process, a class of students becomes a...

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Cultivating Writers

The 6 essential steps for nurturing writers who have the will to write are at the core of this practical book. Based on extensive classroom experience, the book...


Cultivating Readers

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Self-Care for You and Your Students in a Time of Challenge and Change

Join us on Thursday, September 17 at 7:00 pm (ET) for a free webinar centring on mindfulness and wellbeing, with author-educators Shelly Murphy & Lisa Bush.

As we head back to school in a time of Covid, ongoing racial injustice, and countless other uncertainties, stress, worry, and emotions are running high. Author-educators Shelley Murphy and Lisa Bush have the strategies to help you manage that stress, take charge of your emotions, and nurture wellness for your students — and yourself.

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