Deepening In-Class and Online Learning

This timely book shows teachers how to make learning joyful as they translate successful classroom strategies to virtual learning. More than 60 step-by-step strategies encourage interaction, foster inclusion, and spark imagination. Each...

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Powerful Poetry

Powerful Poetry celebrates the beauty, power, and pleasure of poetry in the classroom. This highly-readable book outlines the many benefits of...


WEBINAR: Powerful Poetry, with Adrienne Gear

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FREE Webinar: Powerful Poetry

Put the power of poetry at your fingertips with this inspiring FREE webinar from Adrienne Gear! Join us December 2 at 7 pm (ET) and explore infusing your literacy program with the rhyme and rhythm of poetry, bringing the joy of language and wordplay to students of all ages. Register here.


Making Math Stick Webinar Series

Check out our very first webinar series, offering tips, tools & strategies that will help you improve student comprehension, retention & enthusiasm in mathematics. Learn more.