The Autism Lens

The Autism Lens helps teachers to connect to students with autism and support them along their own unique trajectory. Bringing to life communication difficulties that impact socialization and learning, this book removes the guesswork...

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Cultivating Writers

The 6 essential steps for nurturing writers who have the will to write are at the core of this practical book. Based on extensive classroom experience, the book...


Cultivating Readers

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Writing with Passion and Purpose

Join us on Thursday, October 1 at 7:00 pm (ET) for a FREE webinar focusing on turning writing from a dreaded chore into a thoughtful, joyful exercise.

Help your students see writing as more than just a chore, and tap into a love for the written word. Author/educators Anne Elliott, Mary Lynch, and Karen Filewych will explore ways to inspire students to write what they know, what they think about, and how they feel.

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