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Desperately Seeking Solutions

Helping students build problem-solving skills to meet life's many challenges

This practical book discusses the specific critical and creative thinking skills that go into confronting life's inevitable dilemmas, including those frequently faced at school. Organized for easy classroom use, the book introduces a five-step plan for handling almost any situation — from defining the problem, through considering possibilities and choosing the best option, to taking action and evaluating decisions. Concrete examples throughout the book offer simple suggestions for talking with students about problem-solving, modeling strategies, and reinforcing effective problem-solving techniques. Teacher-specific tips help instructors find ways to incorporate problem-solving skills into everyday lessons, and an easy-to-use mini unit delineates steps for a self-contained lesson on problem-solving.

Author(s): Kathy Paterson

Pages: 96 Publication Date: 2009 ISBN: 9781551382470

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