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Caught in the Middle

Reading and writing in the transition years

A fully revised second edition of the classic Reading and Writing in the Middle Years, Caught in the Middle offers teachers a richly textured picture of the world of middle-school students. It describes who these students are, explains why fostering their voice is important, and discusses the creation of a community of literacy partners. It addresses topics related to technology, reading, writing, research, use of the arts, community, and assessment. The voices of thirty remarkable middle-school teachers focus on such important issues as recognizing the impact of social media; the effect of the internet on research; the need for critical literacy; and the potential of the school library.

Both philosophical and practical, the book highlights some of David's memorable teaching experiences and encounters with engaging models of student writing. It features strong examples of various kinds of texts, including opinion pieces, poetry, journal entries, and writing in role. The book also addresses ways to promote reader engagement and comprehension; outlines a range of reading strategies; shows how to interact with a student's journal; provides banks of questions to prompt response, discussion, and self-assessment; and much, much more.

Author(s): David Booth

Pages: 160 Publication Date: 2011 ISBN: 9781551382654

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