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Sometimes Reading is Hard

Using decoding, vocabulary, and comprehension strategies to inspire fluent, passionate, lifelong readers

How can you support students in becoming successful, passionate, lifelong readers? This reader-friendly resource shows you how to connect reading science (phonics instruction and phonemic awareness) with other practices for developing the critical components of reading instruction — decoding, fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and writing. Evidence-based strategies, classroom vignettes, promising practices, and step-by-step activities illustrate language and literacy development in action.

But there’s more! Once students’ reading skills are developing, they have to want to read. Sometimes Reading is Hard shares research and strategies around motivational factors — confidence, interest, choice, dedication, and collaboration — needed for kids to read to learn and to enjoy reading. The result is that students develop capability for both learning and pleasure.

This hands-on book shows you what a comprehensive, research-based, motivational reading program can look like in your classroom.

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“Undoubtedly, multiple pages will be dog-eared, filled with notes in the margins, highlighted, bookmarked and replicated. It is not a book to sit on the shelf; it has been designed to be a teacher’s lesson plan companion, providing practical guidance and encouragement as they set their heart on the goal of helping children learn to read.” — Chris Mattatall, The Inclusive Educator Journal, February 2022

"…a cornucopia of ideas, practices, strategies, and stories to inspire teachers at all levels to commit to empowering a child with the skill of reading." — Colleen Whidden, Canadian Journal of Education, 2022

Author(s): Robin Bright

Pages: 176 Publication Date: 2021 ISBN: 9781551383514

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