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Making the Match

The right book for the right reader at the right time

What motivates some teens to become lifelong readers and other to slide by with the minimum of assigned reading? The key is finding the books that get them hooked. This unique guide focuses on three distinct areas that will assist teachers and librarians in steering students to the literature they will love: knowing the readers, knowing the books, and knowing the strategies. A series of vignettes written by popular YA authors such as Sharon Creech, Chris Crutcher, and Paul Janeczo will inspire both students and teachers alike. The book concludes with a valuable set of appendices including an FAQ on YA literature, bibliographies and over twenty booklists organized by genre or topic, all with suggested grade levels.

Author(s): Teri Lesesne

Pages: 248 Publication Date: 2003 ISBN: 9781571103819

Paper Price: $ 27.95
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