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Craft Lessons, 2nd Edition

Teaching writing K-8

Although many things have changed in public education, there is always one constant: teachers feel starved for time. The practical, succinct lessons in this invaluable resource offer a solution to this challenge, including:

  • seventeen brand-new craft lessons, many based on real-life observations about student writing
  • revisions to previous lessons, with new, current model texts and expanded lists of resource materials
  • new thinking about teaching elements of writing, and the reading-writing connection

The ninety-five lessons in this book provide a wealth of information for teaching leads, character, endings, stronger word choice, and much more — the crucial "desert island book" for harried writing teachers everywhere.

Author(s): Ralph Fletcher and JoAnn Portalupi

Pages: 176 Publication Date: 2007 ISBN: 9781571107060

Price: $ 48.95
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