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What Student Writing Teaches Us

Formative assessment in the writing workshop

The earlier that teachers think about instruction, and the sooner that students self-assess their progress, the better the final writing product will be. This book offers no easy solutions, because assessing writing is not an easy endeavour.

Framed within the context of writing workshop, this book examines the reasons for reading student work and provides various methods for helping students improve as writers. Student work samples from all stages of the writing process emphasize the importance of considering each piece as an opportunity to learn. Individual and small- and large-group discussion illuminate the need for feedback within writing workshop. Every suggestion in the book has been classroom tested with the help of "experts" — students ages 5–14 — who are quoted throughout the book.

Author(s): Mark Overmeyer

Pages: 136 Publication Date: 2009 ISBN: 9781571107138

Price: $ 39.95
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