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Designing classrooms for literacy

In this book you'll find a wealth of full-colour photos from all sorts of classroom spaces from kindergarten to grade five, including well-organized areas for whole group and small group reading instruction, classroom libraries, literacy work stations, teacher desks, storage areas, and more. You'll love the "before" and "after" pictures and the step-by-step processes outlined for organizing your furniture and cabinets, setting up your room space by space, and using your walls thoughtfully.

This unique visual reference answers tough questions educators ask, such as: What do I really need in my room and what's the best way to set it up? How does my physical classroom impact student learning? How can I find the space I need to teach more effectively? What can I get rid of and how? Where do I put all my stuff?

Author(s): Debbie Diller

Pages: 240 Publication Date: 2008 ISBN: 9781571107220

Price: $ 64.95
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