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When Writing with Technology Matters

Discover theory that supports the need for technology in classrooms, and strategies on how to integrate that technology into the curriculum. This timely book addresses 21st century themes -- critical thinking, collaboration, engagement, and empowerment -- and targets current educational foci -- genre knowledge, research, the importance of process, and the need to make learning relevant. The book shows teachers how to create a classroom environment that allows students to become invested in writing, and provides detailed descriptions of writing projects that teachers can use as a guide when planning their own technology-based writing projects. It demonstrates how to use technology to change and improve the writing process, empowering students to become better, more nuanced writers who are well prepared for the challenges of a digital world.

Author(s): Charles Fuhrken and Carol Bedard

Pages: 160 Publication Date: 2013 ISBN: 9781571109378

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