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Intentional Talk

How to structure and lead productive mathematical discussions

Not all mathematics discussions are alike. It's one thing to ask students to share how they solved a problem, but knowing what to do with their ideas -- where to go with them -- can be a daunting task.

Intentional Talk provides a framework for planning and facilitating purposeful mathematics discussions that enrich and deepen student learning. According to this thoughful book, this critical first step is to identify a discussion's goal, and then understand how to structure and facilitate the conversation to meet that goal. Through detailed vignettes from both primary and junior elementary classrooms, the book provides a window into what teachers are thinking as they lead discussions and make important pedagogical and mathematical decisions along the way. The book also explores students' roles as both listeners and talkers, and offers a number of strategies for improving student participation and learning. A collection of planning templates helps teachers apply the right discussion framework to discussions in their own classrooms

Author(s): Elham Kazemi and Allison Hintz

Pages: 168 Publication Date: 2014 ISBN: 9781571109767

Price: $ 48.95
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