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How do I teach…and keep my sanity?

Presented as simple lists of common-sense ideas, practical time-saving suggestions, and solutions to perennial problems, this book is a comprehensive guide to smooth-running classrooms. Easy to use, it includes a variety of learning games, fun activities, and creative prompts along with ready-to-copy tip sheets to share with students on such topics as organizing notes, doing homework, getting teacher help, dealing with bullies, taking tests, and studying. The book shows teachers how to:

  • communicate effectively with all students
  • involve students in initiatives to promote a sense of ownership and accountability
  • implement innovative classroom practices
  • present learning through innovative approaches to art displays, concerts, and more

Author(s): Kathy Paterson

Pages: 152 Publication Date: 2002 ISBN: 9781551381497

Price: $ 28.95
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