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The Reading Edge

Using phonics strategically to teach reading

Looking for concrete ways to help your students begin to recognize patterns in language, and better understand how printed words and letters fit together? The Reading Edge offers all the tools you need to help children become knowledgeable, enthusiastic readers, including:

  • blending, word family, rhyming, and onset and rime strategies
  • word-attack skills that help children understand how the printed word works
  • assessment tips that help identify student strengths, weaknesses, and knowledge gaps
  • suggestions for adapting for ESL and special needs programs

Poignant classroom vignettes throughout the book put literacy, phonics, and learning into context. Ready-to-use tools include assessment and tracking sheets, playful activities, and mini-worksheets.

Author(s): Kaz Miyata and Cathy Miyata

Pages: 126 Publication Date: 2006 ISBN: 9781551381862

Price: $ 28.95
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