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The Poetry Experience

Choosing and using poetry in the classroom

This playful 32-page flip book explores all aspects of poetry — from guidelines and an overview of poetic forms to Top Ten lists of various poetry favorites.

Created by two remarkable poets and educators, The Poetry Experience brings Sheree and Larry’s infectious and effective style to a topic that is often challenging for students and teachers alike. They argue that poetry is a powerful, personal medium and offer strategies for defining poetry so that students can reflect and determine what poetry means to them. From questions and short activities to full classroom events, this engaging book focuses on both reading and writing poetry, and on experiencing poetry both on the page and read aloud. Extensive lists of poets and books ensure that every reader will find personal favorites to celebrate.

Author(s): Larry Swartz and Sheree Fitch

Pages: 32 Publication Date: 2008 ISBN: 9781551382234

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