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The Literacy Principal, 2nd Edition

Leading, supporting, and assessing reading and writing initiatives

This revised and expanded edition of a ground-breaking bestseller challenges principals and school leaders to become even more involved in championing literacy in their schools. This timely book explores the issues around leadership and literacy, offering an overview of the most successful strategies for building and nurturing a powerful reading environment. It will help school leaders introduce and support cooperative approaches, understand exemplary reading and writing programs, demonstrate a commitment to literacy, and appreciate the many forms of assessment and evaluation. Dedicated to leading collaboratively, the book recognizes that teachers learn best when schools are dedicated to working together in their quest for creating schools where literacy thrives.

**Please note: The Literacy Principal, 2nd Edition is now available in eBook format ONLY.**

Author(s): David Booth and Jennifer Rowsell

Pages: 144 Publication Date: 2007 ISBN: 9781551382166

Price: $ 25.95
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