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Math Memories You Can Count On

A literature-based approach to teaching mathematics in primary classrooms

Rooted in real-life math experiences, the book explores innovative ways you can teach math principles using the best children`s books. This simple book shows teachers how to select, organize, and use literature to connect children with real-world math. Committed to creating long-lasting positive math memories, it goes beyond reading about math and encourages linking text with relevant manipulatives in a hands-on, minds-on, problem-solving environment. The book is organized around the five math strands — number sense and numeration; measurement; geometry and spatial sense; patterning and algebra; and data management and probability. It offers a wealth of activities rooted in children`s literature that deal with concepts including problem solving, reasoning, communication, making connections, and representing math in a variety of ways. Book lists, reproducible activities, and assessment strategies support this remarkable book.

Author(s): Jo-Anne Lake

Pages: 128 Publication Date: 2009 ISBN: 9781551382272

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