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It's Critical!

Classroom strategies for promoting critical and creative comprehension

This practical book shows teachers how to plan literacy events that recognize and interpret the factors that readers and writers bring to the text. It offers successful strategies for becoming caring mentors who support and encourage students as they explore a variety of text forms — from poems to novels, from speeches to blogs, from art to invention.

Based on extensive classroom experience, the book shows you how to engage students in brainstorming, researching, interpreting, problem-solving, discussing, presenting, composing, conducting inquiries, publishing reports, writing poems and scripts, critically examining issues and concerns, and reflecting on their learning. Voices of significant classroom teachers who have worked with students using drama, writing letters, designing websites, conducting interviews, notating music, and so much more, make this a highly readable book.

Author(s): David Booth

Pages: 160 Publication Date: 2008 ISBN: 9781551382289

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