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Back to Learning

How research-based classroom instruction make the impossible possible

This timely book presents straightforward analysis and practical guidance on confronting bullying, taming the digital universe, and changing the troublesome trend in students' entitled attitudes toward learning and marks. It introduces three simple principles teachers can use to prioritize their approach to any teaching task.

Back to Learning gives teachers the background they need to:

  • understand how the brain learns and incorporate that knowledge into teaching methods
  • individualize instruction in any teaching/learning situation and encourage risk-taking
  • acknowledge the bullying crisis in schools, understand why current anti-bullying programs are failing, and learn how to solve the bullying puzzle
  • recognize the limits of standardized testing and better prepare students for being tested
  • expand classroom programs and introduce simple evaluation techniques
  • appreciate where the digital revolution might lead and the implications for students' current and future roles

Teachers will discover that it's entirely feasible to progress from necessary tasks in a never-ending day to exciting, open-ended possibilities. This valuable resource will allow them to contemplate what, at first, seems impossible in our current educational climate and make it possible.

Author(s): Les Parsons

Pages: 96 Publication Date: 2012 ISBN: 9781551382814

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