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Math Sense

The look, sound, and feel of effective math instruction

How is it that you can walk into a classroom and almost instantly gain an overall sense of the quality of math instruction taking place there? What contributes to getting that sense? This thoughtful book explores some of the components that comprise the looks, sound, and feel of effective teaching and learning. Does the landscape of the classroom feature such items as student work samples, a math literature collection, and a number line? Do lessons include wait time, checks for understanding, and written feedback? Do you feel a spirit of collaboration, risk taking, and pride?

Math Sense provides a series of self-assessment rubrics to help you identify the earmarks of a vibrant mathematics community that will help inform and refine your practice. This practical guide offers a roadmap for taking stock of your teaching, and building a stronger mathematics community for both you and your students.

Author(s): Christine Moynihan

Pages: 136 Publication Date: 2012 ISBN: 9781571109422

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