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Independent Reading Inside the Box, 2nd Edition

How to organize, observe, and assess reading strategies that promote deeper thinking and improve comprehension in K–8 classrooms

The best-selling first edition of this popular book showed teachers how to use a single sheet of paper to help students focus on reading books they love rather than filling reading time with busy work. This highly anticipated second edition explores critical literacy to help promote higher-order thinking skills, relating independent reading response to instructional core. It offers sixteen new reading response “boxes”, with strategies for using them as prompts and in blended learning tasks, and options for providing thoughtful and effective feedback and assessment. The author argues for giving students choice among response tasks, and exploring innovative ways to make thinking visible during independent reading.

**Please note: Independent Reading Inside the Box is now available in eBook format ONLY.**

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Author(s): Lisa Donohue

Pages: 168 Publication Date: 2015 ISBN: 9781551383095

Price: $ 25.95
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