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The Write Beginning

Instruction that starts with the end in mind and guides students to become more effective writers

A simple approach to developing an assessment-based writing process with students — by beginning with the end. Discover how to use exemplars to introduce students to new forms of writing and help them appreciate the elements that make them effective.

The Write Beginning argues that when young writers use success as a guide, they are able to develop a clear understanding of the process and set realistic goals for themselves. It explores the features of successful writing in different forms around the four areas of learning — knowledge, thinking, communication, and application. The book goes on to illustrate how teachers can use the success criteria as a framework for providing descriptive feedback to students as a way of guiding and improving their learning. Graphic organizers, sample rubrics, checklists, and student samples round out this comprehensive resource.

*Please note: this title is now available in eBook format ONLY*

Author(s): Lisa Donohue

Pages: 96 Publication Date: 2009 ISBN: 9781551382463

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