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Better Answers, 2nd Edition

Written performance that looks good and sounds smart

A powerful alternative to test-prep workbooks, this easy to use resource features a gradual-release instructional process that begins with teacher modeling, invites increasing amounts of student participation, and eventually moves students into independent response writing. The book clearly explains each element of the process and provides helpful activities, authentic classroom vignettes, and tips on how to handle typical stumbling blocks along the way. This new updated and expanded edition includes two new chapters, Understanding the Prompt and What to do When, and a resource-packed CD-ROM that contains everything teachers need to support their lessons. Lesson plans for text-based and self-based responses are included along with power point slides, charts, and other visual supports that are ideal for classroom use and for professional development. Assessment forms and an extensive bibliography of print and online resources are included. This refreshing and effective alternative to traditional test-prep engages students and gives them the skills they need on test day and beyond.

Author(s): Ardith Davis Cole

Pages: 272 Publication Date: 2009 ISBN: 9781571107480

Price: $ 50.95
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